syscall and smbwrapper on AIX

Kenneth Stephen pgmr at marvin.megadodo.umb
Thu Aug 12 02:33:30 GMT 1999


	Faced with the desperate need to get smbwrapper running on AIX, I
made an attempt to port it. I stopped when I realized that the syscall
interface required by the code (realcalls.*) was just not present on AIX.
All the AIX experts that I asked (I work at IBM Austin, and I was able to
ask the AIX architects) said that there is no 'syscall' call on AIX that
will provide a mapping to the various system calls.

	The alternative that I see is to introduce the following change to
realcalls.h :

#include <sys/syscall.h>
#include <syscall.h>

gets changed to  :

#include <sys/syscall.h>
#include <syscall.h>
#define NO_SYSCALL_H

... and then later in the file, do a #ifdef NO_SYSCALL to introduce code
that is specific to AIX. This would map the real_* macros to the actual
system call invocation.

	Not having done any porting before, I dont have a clue as to
whether I am being supremely stupid or not. Can someone advise me if I am
on the right track?


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