Error when username == hostname

Michael Reinelt reinelt at
Tue Aug 10 04:40:31 GMT 1999

Hi there,

yesterday I was looking for an error for several hours, an finally got
it: Samba 2.0.5a has a bug when connecting from an NT Workstation with
the machine name being the same as the logged in username: 

You can search for the samba server, but you cannot open the samba
server (Network error 1208 or so,  I dont remember exactly). You can
connect to public disk shares only, all other shares report "wrong
password" or this obvious network error. If you try to connect to a
printer share, you get a very strange error, which I can only report in
German: "Die angegebene Referenz passt nicht zur Referenzmenge". (could
be "the reference does not meet the reference set").

I tried the situation here at home, I´m sorry, I cannot reproduce ist.

btw, the NT Workstation was part of a NT domain, where the samba Server
(a Linux Box running Kernel 2.0.36) is _not_. (It cannot, because it
shoud be independent, the NT box hangs twice a week).


bye, Michael

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