Become_root depth is nonzero

Michael Stockman pgmtekn at
Sun Aug 8 08:57:37 GMT 1999


After starting to use usrmgr yesterday I noticed a problem with
nonzero root depth. This occurs in rpc_server/srv_lookup.c and I
believe it is caused by a call to lookup_name in make_dom_gids being
wrapped in become_root. Since all privileged calls from lookup_name
and it's descendants also are wrapped, the error occurs when we get to

The patch I'm proposing removes the seemingly unneeded become_root /
unbecome_root pair around that call. I have not been able to detect
any new problems from this, and it seems to me that the pair was
anyway on the wrong level in the architecture.

Best regards
  Michael Stockman
  pgmtekn-micke at

begin 666 srv_lookup.patch
M+2TM('-R=E]L;V]K=7 N8RYO<FEG"5-U;B!!=6<@(#@@,3 Z,S8Z,30@,3DY
M.0HK*RL@<W)V7VQO;VMU<"YC"5-U;B!!=6<@(#@@,3 Z-# Z-#4@,3DY.0I 
M0" M-S at L.2 K-S at L-R! 0 H@"0EU:6YT." @871T<B @/2!M96U;8V]U;G1=
M+F%T='(["B )"6-H87(@(" J;F%M92 ](&UE;5MC;W5N=%TN;F%M93L*( HM
M"0EB96-O;65?<F]O="A4<G5E*3L*( D)<W1A='5S(#T@;&]O:W5P7VYA;64H
M"B )"6EF("AS=&%T=7,@/3T@,'@P("8F("%S:61?9G)O;G1?97%U86PH)F=L
:;V)A;%]S86U?<VED+" F<VED*2D*( D)>PH`

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