patch groupldap.c

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Thu Aug 5 17:03:57 GMT 1999

I posted a month ago a "possible" patch (and incorrect patch) for the
>         slprintf(filter, sizeof(pstring)-1,
>                  "(&(member=%s,*)(objectclass=sambaGroup))", name);
but this code is correct because "members" contains "name,rid,type". I
know this now.

The problem is that in
I found an error: the version 1.2 I think is the correct and the 1.3 is
wrong because 
v 1.2 ...... "(&(cn=%s)(objectClass=sambaGroup))", name);
v 1.3 ...... "(&(cn=%s,*)(objectClass=sambaGroup))", name); 

....must get only a "cn" value without commas, so the version 1.2 looks


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