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Thu Aug 5 00:40:27 GMT 1999

(I'm gonna reply to all of your messages in one...)

>> If you don't have gnome, i think we still have the code for the text
>> only version that we worked on while developing gnomba, I think we were
>> going to release that too, but haven't gotten around to it.
>please do!

It needs to be cleaned up a bit, but I hope to get to it soon.

>> gnomba can be found at
>you want to host it on

it actually has a home, I'm just waiting for the dsl line.  thanks though.
also if you want to include it in the gui tools section of the web page,
that would be cool.

>> samba, and having to wrap smbclient and smbmount is not fun (though
>> that is what I am currently doing).  I would also prefer not to just
>> rip out code from smbclient, since then I have to keep it up to date
>if you add your program into the samba source tree this will not be a
>alternatively, i recommend using clientgen.c if that is not acceptable,
>and cut / paste clientgen.c over as-and-when you need it.
>one advantage to having your text-based browser code in the samba source
>tree is that it will be available across multi platforms (gnu autoconf),
>if your system doesn't already use autoconf.

I'm still thinking about that.  One ideas I have is to include the text
version with samba, that way it can stay up to date and what so.  It
however is just a text wrapper around a couple of function calls, which
could them be easily moved to the gui part.

On the other hand it would be nice to be able to just link to a library.
I've glanced a little at Nicolas Brodu's smblib and want to play with it
some more.

thanks for the ideas.

Christopher Rogers
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