Microsoft cooperating with the Samba Team?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Aug 4 20:42:41 GMT 1999

This is news to me.  Anyone?  There have been a few 
bugs fixed here and there.  Matt's win2k browsing
fix is the one I'm thinking of at the moment. 


Florian Laws wrote:
> Sorry for being offtopic,
> but when I read this in a german news group,
> I just became to curious.
> One person asked Microsoft tech support why
> Win2000 doesn't interoperate with Samba and
> got the following reply:
> --- snip ---
> > Es gibt derzeit ein generelles Problem mit Samba.
> > Unsere Developer arbeiten zur Zeit mit den Samba Entwicklern an
> > diesem Problem.
> --- snip ---
> translated:
> There is a general problem with Samba
> Our developers are currently working on this problem
> together with the Samba developers.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Is this really true?

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