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Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Tue Aug 3 23:21:19 GMT 1999

Jean Henchey writes:

> When I first started this NT stuff, I was hoping someone might have
> ported win32-like modules to unix.  (Why be forced to run perl code on
> NT, right?)  It would be really, really convenient to do all of this
> samba and user administration stuff from a unix box.  The author of
> these modules (among others) said they hadn't been ported and had no
> plans to.

What would be really neat is to add remote registry viewing/changing,
NT service control and any other stuff to gnomba.  Kind of a user
manager for domains/regedit/server manager all rolled in to one.

Luke mentioned something a while ago about making a librpcclient or I
guess you could drive rpcclient directly in the same way as smbclient
is being run at the moment.


> Jean

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