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Nicolas Brodu brodu at
Tue Aug 3 16:20:35 GMT 1999

On Tue, 03 Aug 1999, gandalf at wrote:
> I know there was at least one attempt in the past to create a library of
> smb tools that other programs could make use of.  I, however, can find no
> reference to it now on the site.  Is there any plan in the near
> future to work on such a beast?  I've been writting a gui frontend for
> samba, and having to wrap smbclient and smbmount is not fun (though that
> is what I am currently doing).  I would also prefer not to just rip out
> code from smbclient, since then I have to keep it up to date to.
> If there is something along these lines already going on i'd love a
> pointer to it, if not, is anyone interested in starting?  I know nothing
> of the internals of samba, and would probably be next to worthless, but
> I'd still be willing to help, i really think such a library would be a
> very helpfull thing.

I'm still developping a C++ library (libsmb).
It can provide filesystem-like functions, ex: open, read, write, opendir...
that work very much like their standard equivalent, except that they take smb
URL for file names (ex: smb://foogroup/ will list all group members, and
smb://foogroup/dummyhost/blahdir/toto can be a file name).
You can yet it at my home page, or a much better version in CVS.

There is also Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton code, which you'll likely prefer if
you are more at ease with C. It is more advanced than my libsmb for
dealing with subnets, but AFAIK it has no filesystem-like interface.

> thanks
> -chris

You're welcome :-)
> (ps - this seemed the most appropriate list to send this to, if it is
> not, please forgive me... and educate me)

If you're interested in libsmb, you can subscribe 
libsmb at (mail to majordomo at with
'subscribe libsmb' in the body).

P.S. : I saw in your last mail you're developping gnomba, and I'll hear no
nonsense about KDE/GNOME. You're welcome to use my lib if you wish.

Nicolas Brodu, brodu at
Eleve-Ingenieur 2eme annee (Institut d'Informatique d'Entreprise) (libsmb)
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