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Tue Aug 3 14:16:00 GMT 1999

I know there was at least one attempt in the past to create a library of
smb tools that other programs could make use of.  I, however, can find no
reference to it now on the site.  Is there any plan in the near
future to work on such a beast?  I've been writting a gui frontend for
samba, and having to wrap smbclient and smbmount is not fun (though that
is what I am currently doing).  I would also prefer not to just rip out
code from smbclient, since then I have to keep it up to date to.

If there is something along these lines already going on i'd love a
pointer to it, if not, is anyone interested in starting?  I know nothing
of the internals of samba, and would probably be next to worthless, but
I'd still be willing to help, i really think such a library would be a
very helpfull thing.


(ps - this seemed the most appropriate list to send this to, if it is
not, please forgive me... and educate me)

Christopher Rogers
gandalf at       gandalf at

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