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Tue Aug 3 14:03:06 GMT 1999

> Is it possible to convert the IP of an NT client into its netbios name,
> using tools that come with the samba distro?
> I would appreciate any help or pointers.  I really need to get systems'
> names and nmblookup seems to go only the other way the the old version
> of samba I'm using (2.0.0)..(and I am working on the upgrade).

If you have gnome-libs and gtk on your system, we recently wrote a piece of
software called gnomba which will scan one or more subnets and list all of
the machine names.  While the gui itself does not give you the IP (it was 
designed as a network neighborhood replacement for gnome), if you
enable the debuging output, it will list them all as ip->name on the tty.

If you don't have gnome, i think we still have the code for the text only
version that we worked on while developing gnomba, I think we were going
to release that too, but haven't gotten around to it.

gnomba can be found at http://www.pobox.com/~gandalf/proj/gnomba/

hope this helps,

Christopher Rogers      http://www.pobox.com/~gandalf
gandalf at pobox.com       gandalf at darkcorner.net

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