Jean Henchey jeannie at mitre.org
Tue Aug 3 10:42:08 GMT 1999

I have been trying nmblookup -A without much success.  I usually get a
name-not-found sort of message.

What I would really like is to get a list of netbios names and IP
addresses of all the workstations on the lan.  I suppose it is much like
going into the network neighborhood and grabbing hostnames.  The
conversion into IPs is easy enough.

I suppose I could set a script to watch snmbstatus, grab netbios names,
and nmblookup for IP addresses..but this seems silly.

Any better way to do this?

Volker Lendecke wrote:
> > Is it possible to convert the IP of an NT client into its netbios name,
> > using tools that come with the samba distro?
> Try nmblookup -A <ip-address>
> Volker
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