running multiple sambas out of same directory

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Fri Apr 30 07:35:39 GMT 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton writes:

> tim,
> you are exporting private/smbpasswd over a network???? in other words, you
> are sending user's cleartext-equivalent nt and lm password hashes over a
> network, in the clear????
> bad idea.

Hmmm...  You're right on that one.  Is it really wise to have Samba's
private directory default to live under /usr/local?  This to me is an
invitation to NFS export it.  (-:  How about /var/lock/samba or
something like that?

> yes, we have heard of NFS locking problems on /usr/local/samba/ in the
> past (2 years ago).

I was just curious whether having files called MACHINE.SID and .SID
lying around would confuse multiple smbds.

The actual problem is pretty weird.  I create a file called 'foo' on a
samba share from NT Explorer and it can't be deleted.  Bringing up
properties on this file and clicking on anything under security
crashes explorer.  )-:  

I'd recently changed a machine over to security=domain so thought
there might be a problem there.


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