Eudora 4.x and Samba Shares

Matthew Geier matthew at
Thu Apr 29 02:51:31 GMT 1999

 Does any one else run Eudora, Samba and makes Eudora keep its files
on a network drive ?.

 We have this odd problem with a lock file that Eudora creates to protect
agains multiple instances of itself running.

 In the directory where its settings live (specified on the command line,
ie 'eudora.exe f:\mail', it creates a file called owner.lok. What this file
contains, I do not know.
 If Eudora encouters this file at startup it warns the user and gives
3 options 'continue and accept the consquences', 'terminate remote',
'exit'. It doesnt matter what you pick, Eudora dies.

 This happens with on both NT and win95 systems with Eudora 4.0.x and with
the 4.1 update, it doesnt crash on NT any more but still on win95.
 It also happens on Solaris and Linux servers, running 2.0.2 and CVS head

 Any one had any experience with this ?. Im not sure where to look, and even
who to blame, Samba or Qualcom ?

 I can recreate a crash by copying in a previously backed up owner.lok, so
I can crash it on demand.

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