Still around: Compile error in CVS HEAD from 1999-04-10 20:30 CEST

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Sun Apr 11 00:30:08 GMT 1999

Florian Laws writes:

> Linking bin/make_smbcodepage
> Compiling utils/debug2html.c
> utils/debug2html.c:42: initializer element is not constant
> utils/debug2html.c:43: initializer element is not constant
> make: *** [utils/debug2html.o] Error 1


> FILE *infile  = stdin;
> FILE *outfile = stdout;
> which is odd, at least I don't see why the compiler complains about that.

I've moved the initialisation of infile and outfile to main().

Out of interest, could you find out what your particular version of
egcs thinks stdin and stdout is?  Look in stdio.h or just grep for
stdin in /usr/include/*.h.  Under Solaris 2.6 it is:

/usr/include/stdio.h:#define    stdin   (&_iob[0])


> Thanks,
> Florian

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