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Cliff Green green at UMDNJ.EDU
Wed Apr 7 18:09:35 GMT 1999

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> occasionally i feel like i and other people would like to know how samba
> is being used.  if you feel so inclined, could people kindly let us know
> some of the things below (pick one or more or all), such as:
> - a brief description of your organisation.
Health Sciences University.

> - what you use samba for (e.g as file servers; login servers; backup
> purposes or remote admin with smbclient or rpcclient).
File server, print server, application server, login server, soon-to-be
backup server.  Some remote access w/ smbclient (very limited).  Oh, and
some slight use of smbmnt to manage an NT box serving some tape drives.

> - what version(s) of samba you are using.  if using a version from cvs
> please include date and tag.
At this point, various stages of 2.0.3, with current cvs code on one
'pilot' box.  This is usually rolled out to the other campus servers when
there's a noticeable benefit (or the usage drops on those machines so it's
feasible and I have the time to do it).

> - what server(s), including the specification (OS, ram, hdd, network,
> rough estimate of mb/s throughput at peak load would be excellent if you
> can get it)
Predominantly HP9000's of several vintages and sizes running HP-UX 10.20:
one 720, a couple of K-series, a D-series, a D-, and an E-series.  We also
had it up on a Sun Enterprise server (SunOS 5.6), but don't need that one
anymore.  It's on at least one Debian linux box in our offices, and I'm
pushing to put it on a remote site for a public lab.  No sense of the
throughput, though it's definitely improved, big time, since we went from
two heavily-loaded G-series boxes to the K-series hosts.

> - how many users and in what database (private/smbpasswd; LDAP; MYSQL) and
> how many simultaneous users.
Hmm.  This is probably a spurious set of numbers, but...  We maintain
upwards of 12,000 accounts on 4 campus servers (not evenly distributed -
some campuses are bigger than others), we're currently using /etc/passwd
(sic!) but would like to move to private/smbpasswd at some point;  the
ability to let users change their passwords from a Windows desktop is an 
attractive possibility.  Simultaneous users is *much* lower, as most of
our connections are from smallish public labs and our offices - perhaps
80 - 90 at most.

> - what sort of hosts connect to your servers.
Win9x, WinNT (typically 4.0), staff use of smbclient.

> thank you!
No, Thank You!

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