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Tue Apr 6 20:58:47 GMT 1999

On 05-Apr-99 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> occasionally i feel like i and other people would like to know how samba
> is being used.  if you feel so inclined, could people kindly let us know
> some of the things below (pick one or more or all), such as:
> - a brief description of your organisation.

Discreet (formerly Discreet Logic) now a division of AutoDesk Inc (4th largest
software comany blah blah blah). High end video & film special effects and
editing software.

> - what you use samba for (e.g as file servers; login servers; backup
> purposes or remote admin with smbclient or rpcclient).

We are using it only in our R&D department in Montreal.
Mostly interop for our SCM system (ClearCase) but also home directories,
printers and lotsa remote administration with rpcclient (it keeps getting
better and better). Still experimenting with PDC functionality.

> - what version(s) of samba you are using.  if using a version from cvs
> please include date and tag.

At the momemt a mixture of 2.0.0/ 2.0.2/2.0.3 and CVS (automatically fetched
and rebuilt every morning) although on some machines I'm looking at going back
to 1.9.18p10 due to some strange problems I am having.

> - what server(s), including the specification (OS, ram, hdd, network,
> rough estimate of mb/s throughput at peak load would be excellent if you
> can get it)

A whole range of SGI hardware from an O2 (Irix 6.3, 128 MB, 4GB, 100 Mbps) to
an Origin 2000 (Irix 6.5.3f, 7GB RAM, 128 GB HD, 5x100Mbps)

> - how many users and in what database (private/smbpasswd; LDAP; MYSQL) and
> how many simultaneous users.

On most machines I'm using YP with around 200 users. On the PDC smbpasswd has
about 40 entries (including trust accounts)

> - what sort of hosts connect to your servers.

only NT4.0sp3 and 1 linux box using smbmount.

> i should probably be advocating people to fill in the survey instead of
> this :)
> thank you!
> luke
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