name mangling/vfat fs

Greg Simpson gws at
Tue Apr 6 19:21:10 GMT 1999

problem: when copying a file from win 95/98/nt to a samba share on a vfat
 fs, the file is written in all uppercase [long filenames supported].

bkgrnd: I have not done extensive research on this beyond a few greps
 through the source tree, and searches through the archives for similar

addtn'l: this problem does not occur when a share of identical
 characteristics is created on the ext2 fs; this has not been tested
 with additional file systems.

 samba 2.0.3
 kernel 2.2.5

I'm sure there's a simple flag that indicates whether a filesystem
supports extended [normal unix :)] filenames, that samba is tripping on;
obviously, 'touch ThIsIsAtEst' is successful, and samba displays the full
filename, or I wouldn't be sending the message here. :)

I'm sure someone here knows offhand what part of the code I'm referring
to; a quick pointer to that and I might be able to hack together a patch..


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