Print Queue displays

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Mon Apr 5 19:31:06 GMT 1999

> IPP is awesome.  Yes it supports the number of pages, and all sorts of
> other cool things.  Like automatic printer failover, LPR support. etc.

IPP DOES sound very cool.  
> Netware should be support ign IPP soon, windows sounds like it will also.
> Hopefully some decent OS IPP clients/servers will be developed.  ;)

>From what I can see of Novell's overarching strategy, while its likely
that Novell users will be able to print to IPP printers, normal users will
almost assuredly never be able to print to IPP enabled Novell printers.
It's just not in their business model.
> Allen Reese
> Senior Software Engineer
> Driversoft, Inc.
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