Proposal: set default debug filename to something useful

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Apr 5 15:21:27 GMT 1999

Hmmm...  The -o option will cause previous existing log files to be 
overwritten (i.e., removed and replaced).

> On Sat, 03 April 1999, Tim Potter wrote:
> In reference to the default value for the log file:
> > Is there any particular reason why this is set to nothing?  Perhaps it
> > could be set to some default value or from the command line?  
> The smbd man page documents a -l option:
> -l log file
>   If specified, log file specifies a log filename into which informational
>   and debug messages from the running server will be logged. The log file
>   generated is never removed by the server although its size may be controlled
>   by the max log size option in the smbd.conf (5) file.  The default log
>   file name is specified at compile time.
> Andy.

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