Proposal: set default debug filename to something useful

thwartedefforts at thwartedefforts at
Mon Apr 5 02:56:39 GMT 1999

On Sat, 03 April 1999, Tim Potter wrote:
In reference to the default value for the log file:
> Is there any particular reason why this is set to nothing?  Perhaps it
> could be set to some default value or from the command line?  

The smbd man page documents a -l option:

-l log file
  If specified, log file specifies a log filename into which informational
  and debug messages from the running server will be logged. The log file
  generated is never removed by the server although its size may be controlled
  by the max log size option in the smbd.conf (5) file.  The default log
  file name is specified at compile time.


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