Proposal: set default debug filename to something useful

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Sun Apr 4 07:02:46 GMT 1999

Whilest merging, I've found the following change in my workarea for

--- debug.c	1998/12/16 18:50:54	1.18
+++ debug.c	1999/04/04 06:58:30
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
 FILE   *dbf        = NULL;
-pstring debugf     = "";
+pstring debugf     = "/var/adm/samba/log.smb";
 BOOL    append_log = False;
 BOOL    timestamp_log = True;
 int     DEBUGLEVEL = 1;

After thinking for a bit I realised that I put this change in to catch
DEBUG() statements that occur before a connection has been made.  This
is pretty useful when you are mucking around with pre-connection

Is there any particular reason why this is set to nothing?  Perhaps it
could be set to some default value or from the command line?  


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