Assigned numbers.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Sep 30 14:51:39 GMT 1998

> >                       "Set if this message was truncated because the
> >                        datagram carrying it would be greater than
> >                        576 bytes in length.  Use TCP to get the
> >                        information from the NetBIOS Name Server."
> I don't believe the MS implementations do this. Anyone see it?

never seen it: microsoft's WINSMGR.HLP documentation states that they
deliberately limit the number of dynamic entries for multi-homed and
internet-group<1c> names to 28: this is the maximum that will fit in a 576
byte UDP packet.

they do not limit the number of _static_ internet-group<1c> names that can
be manually added into a ms-WINS database.

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