Assigned numbers.

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Sep 29 23:40:06 GMT 1998

>   Port 42:   It appears as though this is being used for WINS replication. 
>              Any truth to the rumor?
>   name             42/tcp    Host Name Server
>   name             42/udp    Host Name Server
>   nameserver       42/tcp    Host Name Server
>   nameserver       42/udp    Host Name Server

that's a new one for me.
>   Port 135:  This is listed as a DCE/RPC termination port.  Is this being
>              used by the NT DCE/RPC stuff at all?
>   epmap           135/tcp    DCE endpoint resolution
>   epmap           135/udp    DCE endpoint resolution

it is used, but I don't know exactly what for. I've seen packets to it

>   Ports 137, These are assigned for both tcp & udp.  It appears, however,

It seems that the IANA always does that. When I asked for a port for
rsync they gave me UDP as well as TCP even though I only asked for

>                       "Set if this message was truncated because the
>                        datagram carrying it would be greater than
>                        576 bytes in length.  Use TCP to get the
>                        information from the NetBIOS Name Server."

I don't believe the MS implementations do this. Anyone see it?

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