smbmount and smbfs (was Re: smbmount et al...)

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Tue Sep 29 02:57:07 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell enscribed thusly:
> > With regards to the timestamp problem, I would suspect that you've
> > mounted the volume with incorrect bug-workaround flags. There are
> > differences in the way timestamps are handled in Win95 vs NT smb
> > servers, so if smbfs thinks it's talking to a Win95 system,
> > timestamps will probably be wrong.

> you might like to change smbfs to look at the capabilities bits from
> the negprot response:

> if (capabilities & CAP_NT_SMBS) {
>   use_nt_code();
> } else {
>   use_win95_code();
> }

> or should smbmount do this and pass a flag to the kernel?

	I think the later...  Luke and I and Dave LeBlanc (my evil NT
twin at Internet Security Systems) were discussing this today.  Dave
thinks that doing a "GetServerInfo" at the appropriate level should
give the information we are looking for.  There are bits which will
identify WfWg and W95.  We can apply appropriate discrimination at
the time the connection is established.  Luke had a different approach.
He suggested opening an RPC pipe and, if that failed, then applying the
bug work-around.  That would ALSO be at connection time.  Downside to Luke's
approach would be if someone added that capability to Win95 (YUCK).  This is,
of course, all dependent on if smbmount is not currently doing the correct
thing ANYWAYS...  I actually DO NOT KNOW - YET.  I do know that disabling the
Win95 bug work-around compile option DID fix the problem I was seeing (thank
you, Bill).  Now, I need to dig into the guts and see if smbmount (or smbmnt)
is doing the right thing based on the protocols...  As I told Bill...  Looks
like one more on my plate after all...

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