Still problems with compiling samba with Jeremy's flags

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Sat Sep 26 01:17:59 GMT 1998

Richard Sharpe wrote:

> I have fixed all the cases where variables like count and offset are
> declared but not initialized in the declaration.

Ah - I see what that is now.

I am compiling on a system with 64 bit file support.
Now the code path taken through the locking code
could lead to uninitialized variables being used
if the client sends a large file locking request
but the server doesn't support 64 bit files.

However the bit that the server uses to tell
the client that 64 bit requests are ok is only set
if the server supports large files.

I need to re-structure the code slightly to
remove this problem ultimately, but setting
the count & offset to zero is probably good enough
(as it really would be undefined behavior if the server told
the client it couldn't support large file requests and
the client sent them anyway :-).



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