toupper case grief with Windows NT5 Beta 2 and Samba1.9.18p10-51.

Craig Bridge Craig.Bridge at
Thu Sep 24 10:19:37 GMT 1998

I'm having toupper case grief with Windows NT 5 Beta 2 created files on
Red Hat Samba 1.9.18p10-51.1 that I don't have with Windows NT 4.

I'm willing to get down and dirty in the code and have the resources and
general background to do so. I'd just like some _BRIEF_ guidance from
the SAMBA development team on where to set key breakpoints, any
sniffer tools, debug output, and what to look for on the SAMBA side.

Direct resposes to <cbridge at>, or pointing me to
another forum, etc may be more appropriate, I'm new here... but bring
considerable NT kernel mode debugger experience.

NT 4 is cool with SAMBA shares with smb.conf parameters:
   preserve case = yes
   short preserve case = yes
   default case = lower

I was fairly succesful with:
   case sensitive = yes
and created "junk", "JUNK", and "JuNk" files that explorer shows as
"junk", "Junk" (explorer convention for display of all uppercase names,
and "JuNk" as expected).  However, NT 4's matcher doesn't always get
the correct match the first time depending on what is in the directory
cache.  This is something that the NFS on NT solutions solved!
I'll investigate futher if time permits.

Note: with "case sensitive = no", you can't create the 3 varients from
on the SAMBA share, so it doesn't come close to an NFS solution in
exposing a full Unix file system name space.

NT 5 Beta 2 touppers everything with either of the above configurations;
however, NT 5 and NT 4 play together without this grief using SMB.

I'd _REALLY_ like to figure out why NT 4 and NT 5 Beta 2 aren't
handling SAMBA the same. I don't want NT 5 to force me to live with:
  preserve case = no
  short preserve case = no
  default case = lower


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