Jeremy Allison jallison at cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Tue Sep 22 16:40:55 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:

> > Dead easy. Mount a Samba drive, right click on the
> > drive icon and bingo - you'll see the first letter
> > of the share name as the label info (as the first
> > UNICODE null is treated as ascii end-of-string).
> did that, and you get "remote server doesn't support requests".

Ah - sorry. I didn't explain well enough.

Map a drive letter to a Samba share.

Double click on "My Computer".

Right click on the "network drive" icon for the
drive letter you just mapped and you get a menu with 
top entry "Open"... bottom entry "Properties".

Left click on properties, you will get the
drive information screen, called "General"
with a field called "Label". The contents of
this field should be the volume label - but
with a unicode return to an NT client that
didn't negotiate unicode with the server it is
just the first character.

> > Well NT negotiates UNICODE so it would between MS
> > clients. The thing to see is if the problem happens
> > looking at a Win95 server from NT, as that negotiates
> > the same non-unicode that Samba does.
> that's exactly what my patch fixed. I was testing from Win95 -> NT4
> and NT4 gave back unicode. I changed Samba to do the same.

The important thing to test is Nt4 client -> Win95 server.
I only have easy access to NT here so it's hard for me
to test Win95 things.

> Are you sure you've seen NT4 generate non-unicode for this request?

No - NT probably does generate unicode for this request.
The problem is what NT *generates* is irrelevent. It's
what NT will *accept* as a client when the server is operating
in non-unicode mode that's important. And NT wants ascii
in this field (and Win95 doesn't :-).

In the CIFS6 spec the field is marked as either ascii
or unicode, depending on the negotiated options. In
the earlier spec the field is marked as "
unicode only".

My guess is the earlier spec is based on the Win95 code
review, the later spec on the WinNT code review. It really
seems to be a behaviour that needs to be different depending
on the client (much as I *hate* these things).

Now what was that good way you decided of determining
if a client was Win95 or NT again.... ? :-) :-).



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