WINS, dialup, and netlogon problems

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Sep 22 14:06:48 GMT 1998

> smbclient gets its WINS server address from the smb.conf file.  Since the
> server is already a WINS server, we cannot have a WINS SERVER = line in the
> smb.conf file as well. 

*ah* - well spotted, richard.  see, the problem comes in that because we
use smb.conf for multiple "processing entities", some of which may be in
the same process and some may not, we get confusion.

nmbd contains both client and server capabilities, with respect to WINS.

strictly speaking, we _should_ require that people specify "wins server =
yes" and also specify "wins server =" or "wins server =

> I have to look into a command line way of specifying the WINS server.

that's one solution.  another is to say "if wins server = yes" then use for wins server ip address.

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