Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 22 12:00:20 GMT 1998

> Nope - I don't think it's a SP3 specific thing. It's an anoying
> bug that's been around a while.

then I'm confused

> Dead easy. Mount a Samba drive, right click on the
> drive icon and bingo - you'll see the first letter
> of the share name as the label info (as the first
> UNICODE null is treated as ascii end-of-string).

did that, and you get "remote server doesn't support requests".

> Set it to send as ascii and NT can see the whole
> label name.

nope, it doesn't even use QSFINFO/258
> > and the really weird thing is that NT4 sends it as unicode.
> Well NT negotiates UNICODE so it would between MS 
> clients. The thing to see is if the problem happens
> looking at a Win95 server from NT, as that negotiates
> the same non-unicode that Samba does.

that's exactly what my patch fixed. I was testing from Win95 -> NT4
and NT4 gave back unicode. I changed Samba to do the same.

Are you sure you've seen NT4 generate non-unicode for this request?

Can you try it again? I can't believe it is a US/non-US thing ...

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