Jeremy Allison jallison at cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Tue Sep 22 01:10:43 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> > Yep - the reason is that NT Server 4.0 SP3 under these circumstances
> > insists on the label being ascii. Even if you set the "this packet
> > is unicode" bit it still treats the label as ascii.
> is it SP3 specific? Did they really change that in a service pack??

Nope - I don't think it's a SP3 specific thing. It's an anoying
bug that's been around a while.

> nasty. How do you get NT4 to generate one of these requests?

Dead easy. Mount a Samba drive, right click on the
drive icon and bingo - you'll see the first letter
of the share name as the label info (as the first
UNICODE null is treated as ascii end-of-string).

Set it to send as ascii and NT can see the whole
label name.

> and the really weird thing is that NT4 sends it as unicode.

Well NT negotiates UNICODE so it would between MS 
clients. The thing to see is if the problem happens
looking at a Win95 server from NT, as that negotiates
the same non-unicode that Samba does.


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