WINS.DAT and multiple registrations of the same name

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Sep 21 21:08:19 GMT 1998

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Richard Sharpe wrote:
> > The names RJSPC1#xx have multiple addresses against them.  This seems to
> > suggest that Samba will allow the same name to be registered more than once!
> > 
> > What is the go here?
> That's perfectly correct - so long as the machine with
> the multiple addresses has one IP interface for each
> address.

if it's an ordinary registration (non-multi-homed) i think what's
happening here is that we are not removing the "expired"  entries from
wins.dat when the new (non-multi-homed) registration comes in. 

> That's how multi-homed machines use NetBIOS.

surely, only if they send a "register multi-homed" packet which microsoft
had to add as a non-rfc1001/2 job?

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