Samba-2 on AIX

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Sep 21 16:50:09 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> > However, an annoyance is that the arguments
> > to things like accept() on AIX have a 3rd
> > argument of size_t *, rather than int *.
> yea, I noticed that and decided to ignore it. It doesn't actually
> cause any problems.
> > Any good ideas on fixing this in a portable
> > way ?
> well, one right way to fix it is to have a ACCEPT_CAST define
> somewhere. The difficult thing is auto-detecting what the correct
> value should be.

Well we should just define these types to be
socklen_t (see the new edition of Steven's
UNIX Network Programming - you can get it
here when you come over if you haven't already :-)
and allow autoconf to try and find it in the header

If it fails (as it will on most systems) we need
a way to get autoconf to look for the type of
the last argument of the prototype for accept()
in the system header files and define that as
the type of socklen_t.

Any good way of doing this ?



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