WINS, dialup, and netlogon problems

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sat Sep 19 22:51:32 GMT 1998


I am having problems at NCI with respect to WINS.

1. We are having a lot of problems with dial-in users not being logged in.
After testing, I am pretty certain that this has to do with the user's PC's
entries being in wins.dat multiple times. That is:

1. The user's PC logs in one night and they get:

    IP address =

   so they have a PC#00, PC#03 and PC#20 all saying

   Next night they log in, because a different modem is used, they get:

    IP address =

   so they have a PC#00, PC#03, and PC#20 all saying as well
   as the entries above!

   We have 1.9.18p10 and I have seen the above.

2.  We are doing things with smbclient against the above dial-in PCs, but
smbclient will not use WINS, and if you put WINS SERVER = <server ip
address> in the smb.conf pointing to the machine which runs samba (which is
the same machine that we do smbclient on) and have WINS SUPPORT = on, since
we are a WINS server, nmbd refuses to run.

How are we to get smbclient to do WINS lookups?

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