nmblookup for names on samba server don't work

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Fri Sep 18 22:59:51 GMT 1998

> PCs are registered in WINS.dat, I can see themas, say:
> RJSPC1        <00>
> but if I do an nmblookup rjspc1 I get back a status saying that the name
> could not be found.  Can anyone say why that is the case?

do you have "WINS proxy" enabled? Are you doing a WINS query?

you need to either do a WINS (as opposed to bcast) query or enable
WINS proxy support. 

To do a WINS query use:

nmblookup -R -U server name

where server is your WINS server and name is the name you want to

Samba used to always answer such queries, even if malformed. Jeremy
fixed it to do the "right thing" in his rewrite, but that means you
need to craft queries more carefully.

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