Patch for smbclient command du, tar cn, PASSWD_FILE and PASSWD_FD

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Sep 18 14:29:53 GMT 1998

ok, nothing wrong with that: you may be right about the byte alignment. 
ok, you written c code before?  try taking the lm and nt password hashes
(16 bytes) and the challenge you see at the start of the Negprot response. 
the challenge is the 8 bytes after the "08" you see on a line of its own,
and is followed by a unicode string "secretatiat-02".

call E_P24 on them (smbdes.c)

or, call SMBNTencrypt and SMBencrypt on your clear-text password and the 8
byte challenge (smbencrypt.c i think).

try compiling this on both the linux box and the solaris one.  if you get
different results, then it's byte alignment.

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