clitar changes and du patches

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Sep 18 05:24:33 GMT 1998

> my clitar changes to clean up the restore code are coming along fine. The
> code is significantly cleaner and works somewhat at the moment.

> I want to start releasing things, but guard against it being used by anyone
> other that testers at first.

that's what the alpha branches are for

it can't be worse than my stuffup with the background wins database
save - I crashed lots of peoples machines! The number of nmbd
processes doubled every 5 minutes :)
> I am thinking of adding #IFDEF RESTORE_CLEANUP around my new code and
> adding a -with_RESTORE_CLEANUP to autoconf ...

if the new code is cleaner then just delete the old code. Don't be
> I am also looking at adding Alexandre Oliva's du patches.

> Anyone have any comments?

I just thought of another client issue you might like to think
about. Several people have complained that the client is unreliable,
that when taking backups (particularly of Win95 and WfWG machines) it
sometimes gets errors and skips files. I believe this is caused by
resource starvation in the MS servers. To work round this we need to
catch these errors and when they happen sleep for a moment before
retrying the operation.

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