Changes in Samba 2.0

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Sep 15 18:40:48 GMT 1998

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, David Collier-Brown wrote:

> Gerald W. Carter wrote:
> >  Hope this helps,
> 	Sure does!  Raised more questions (;-))
> 	In security=domain, the need for a Unix password
> 	file is going to disappear (soon, not instantly)

true _only_ on a "black-box" system where you do not need any logins other
than root.
> 	Is the magic [homes] share going to remain magic?

i see no reason why not.

> 	I'd assume so, but it's non-obvious what uid
> 	is going to be invented for the unix user, and

with the "black-box" option, not only will it not be obvious what unix uid
will be used, but it will also be irrelevant what unix uid is used.  using
samba, it will look like an NT box.  who cares if it's a unix box

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