DOM\user supported?

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Tue Sep 15 17:04:16 GMT 1998

samba-2alpha4 is part of domain; the securioty is set to be "domain". We have a WinNT server, which is not part of our domain. Let's say, domain is DOMAIN, other server is TEST and user is ehhh... user :)

If user on this server tries to connect to SAMBA, it is first rejected with correct message, that PDC of domain DOMAIN cannot authorise user "user" from domain TEST of other server. But if he tries to now "connect as" DOMAIN\user (this account *does* exists on our domain), SAMBA reports exactly the same!! That is, DOMAIN part seems to be silently ignored?

Who interprets DOMAIN part in DOMAIN\user? Client or server? That is, is it client who sends wrong information or SAMBA just does not know, what to do with this form?

thank you

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