user mapping and permission problem

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Mon Sep 14 15:40:53 GMT 1998


I have some web directories that our designers share. 
The directories and files underneath are chowne as <user>.web
where <user> is the <user> the webserver is run as with read and execute
permission and 'web' is the group that the web designers are in with
read,write,and execute permission.

My problem is, when they transfer files over, the owner changes from
<user> to the web designer's user name, which then makes the files they
transfered inaccessible by the web server.

If i use the 'force user = <user>' directive it gives me access denied
because <user> doesn't have write permissions (too much of a security risk
to give the webserver user write permissions). Is there any way to let my
designers transfer files to these directories and have it keep the same
owner of the files?

I'm running samba 1.9.18p4 on Caldera OpenLinux with kernel 2.0.35


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