Patch for smbclient command du, tar cn, PASSWD_FILE and PASSWD_FD

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Sat Sep 12 14:01:50 GMT 1998

Jeremy Allison <jallison at> writes:

>> 1) create a new command, say, du, that will traverse the directory
>> tree without printing anything but the total bytes. (preferred option)

> Yep - that sounds good to me.

The attached patch implements the interactive command `du' for
smbclient.  It behaves *exactly* as dir, except that it won't print
the directories and filenames as it traverses them.

I have also implemented the `n' switch for the `tar' interactive
command, as well as for the command-line variant of it.  I have chosen
`n' because several Unix commands use the -n switch as a `do-nothing'
(AKA `dry-run') request.  BTW, dry_run will also be implicitly enabled
when creating a tar-file to /dev/null.  The speed-up is wonderful! :-)

Anyway, I still feel annoyed about the way smbclient handles
interactive tar invocations writing to stdout or reading from stdin.
One of the problems is that it inconditionally closes tarhandle, which
may cause it to close stdout and/or stdin when it should be requesting
for more commands.  The second problem is the fact that messages are
printed to stdout by default, even if a tar-file is being created to
it.  IMO, if a tar-file is to be written to stdout, nothing else
should, -E should be implicitly assumed.  I'm pretty sure I've already
submitted a patch that fixed this problem, quite a long time ago, but
I no longer have a copy of it, because someone had told me the problem
was fixed already, and I believed that.  I may write it up again, if
you'd agree on taking one more look at it. :-)

>> How about support for PASSWD_FILE and/or PASSWD_FD?

> Yes, a du and password file patch would be very welcome
> and integrated into Samba 2.0 asap !

With the attached patch, command line overrides PASSWD_FD that
overrides PASSWD_FILE that overrides PASSWD.  PASSWD_FD expects a file
descriptor number, and PASSWD_FILE, a file name.  In the second case,
the file will be opened for reading.  In either case, at most 127
bytes will be read (just like get_pass does), and anything after the
first occurrence of a line-feed or a NUL (if they occur at all) is
ignored.  Empty passwords are reported as such; read errors are
reported too.  After the password is read, in the PASSWD_FILE case,
the opened file is closed.

Alexandre Oliva
mailto:oliva at mailto:aoliva at
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil
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