lstat() and fstat()

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Sep 10 14:47:31 GMT 1998

> problems (though not all I suspect). We use a mixture of lstat() and
> fstat() in Samba. We also use the inode/device to control oplocks. The

albert chin-a-young wanted to know if it's possible to call "lstat" when
doing directory checks and anything unimportant like that (because it
doesn't trigger an automount storm), and doing "fstat" when doing file

the problem is that he has over 150 automount directories /
subdirectories, and of course idiot-explorer.exe goes and browses the
whole lot recursively, causing them to all be automounted.

the ideal solution is to use DFS-referrals, but we haven't quite got that
in, yet.  but nigel williams has written the low-level code to do them!


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