Error registering DOMAINNAME<1b> with 1.9.18p4 WINS server

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Sep 9 16:46:25 GMT 1998

> This is a general question.  This is a queued netbios packet to be sent 
> from the problem PDC to the WINS server.  Why is the bcast flag set to 
> 0 but the node_type = B_NODE?

it's because the query is specifically sent to that machine.  only that
machine is expected to respond.

remember that NetBIOS itself used to be a transport, so you can set "bcast
= True" which is equivalent to sending to x.x.255.255 or x.x.x.255 or
whatever, and "bcast = false" which is equivalent to sending to x.x.x.x


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