auto-loading of smb.conf

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Sep 9 02:28:32 GMT 1998

> Is there a way to disable/enable the auto-(re)loading of smb.conf while an
> smbd is running ? Something like
> disable_auto_reload() and
> enable_auto_reload()

there isn't a way currently.
> I need that in the spoolss code to prevent a risk of clash while a printer
> is open.

can you explain this a little more? What sort of clash do you mean?

I've actually been tempted to change smbd and nmbd to only reload on
HUP and when a new connection is established (ie. when the daemon
forks). What do other people think about this? I originally put in the
auto-reload code because I thought it would be a convenience but I
think it may actually be counter-productive. It certainly doesn't
follow the principle of least surprise - most Unix daemons only reload
on HUP.

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