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Dirk De Wachter Dirk.DeWachter at rug.ac.be
Mon Sep 7 18:12:09 GMT 1998

> A number of people have reported that application icons don't appear
> for files on Samba servers when running with security=server. This
> has been a problem for a long time, but as we haven't been able to
> reproduce it we haven't been able to fix it.
> This is just to say that I've now reproduced the problem, and I've
> caught a sniff of it with tcpdump. I haven't worked out what is
> wrong yet, but hopefully I will soon.
> Reproducing that has made me very happy - this problem has annoyed
> me for a long time!
I always thought this had to do with some timeouts. If the server 
would respond a little bit faster (and really I have no idea wat 
actions are involved to get the icons) the icons would appear on the 
screen. There is however a difference between NT and Win95 (or is 
this just because my NT machines are more powerfull in terms of 
Anyway, Microsoft gives away the main Office 97 icons to be installed 
locally. If MS Office builds its screenbar, it has to query the icons 
of the different applications. If the server tends to respond too 
slow, the icons cannot be shown. One can solve this to use locally 
installed icons for the shortcuts. This works perfectly (and also for 
the Start-icons).
Perhaps this "slow" response is the same thing that we see when 
connecting to a Samba server to get NT-profiles?

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