icons problem - timing problem?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Sun Sep 6 13:49:34 GMT 1998

I've narrowed it down a bit. It seems to be a timing problem. A Win95
client will not attempt to display icons if the server is "slow". The
critical thing appear to be how long the server takes to respond to
the negprot and session setup requests.

When using security=server Samba responds slowly to these requests
because it needs to forward them to the password server. this is
exacerbated by Smaba sending a deliberately incorrect initial password
to the password server (to test for the security bug in NT where it
grants all session requests, regardless of passwords). NT responds
very slowly to an incorrect password (maybe a deliberate feature to
try to prevent password cracking?).

I don't have a good solution yet, but at least I think I know what is
going on. I've also managed to reproduce the "no icons" problem with
user level security by adding some sleep() calls in the negprot and
session setup code.

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