NT4 sp4, anyone working on it?

Joe Geiser jgeiser at csillc.com
Thu Sep 3 12:56:45 GMT 1998

Luke after Tim,

> > Here are two gzipped capture files printed out with the all levels as
> tim,
> the captures show that we are replying to the "Bind Ack" with the
> "fragmentation length" 16 bytes short.  obviously, pre-ntsp4 didn't care
> two hoots about this (and, to be honest, i don't think we do either, in
> the bind ack response).
> however, it looks like someone's being giving the nt dce/rpc code the "nit
> comb" treatment...

This is exactly what's happening with SP4.  Since 5.0 is so delayed, quite a
bit of the nit-combing is being released in SPs for 4.0.  Expect to see more
of it as well.


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