samba-2.0.0-alpha1 portability issues

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Wed Sep 2 11:32:36 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> >   Anyone interested in the data? It's in
> > compiler error-message format for jove/emacs/whatever,
> > and took me about half an hour to scan through just looking
> > at the putative bugs: I didn't presume to fix anything
> > myself (:-))
> I'd be interested in seeing the output, although I bet most of the
> stuff it produces is spurious.[...] the WEXITSTATUS problem [..]
> is used without an ifdef in chpasswd.c which only gets
> compiled on a limited range of systems due to its dependence on lots
> of fancy tty handling stuff.

Yes, as I said,  it's reporting doubtful points, and isn't nearly
smart enough to deal with conditional compilation.

I'll enclose a snippit and mail the full thing of to Andrew.
It's used in medium-scale ports, in concert with m4 programs to
fix some of the more straightforward problems: more information


./smbd/chgpasswd.c:336 WEXITSTATUS
Weight: 5.0
Comment obsolete

./client/smbmnt.c:276 addmntent
Weight: 5.0
 This routine is no longer supported. The putmntent ( ) 
 routine provides similar functionality. 

./client/smbumount.c:166 addmntent
./client/client.c:2497 asctime
Weight: 5.0
 The tm structure no longer contains the fields tm_zone and 
 tm_gmtoff. An external variable , timezone , is now used to indicate 
 the difference ( in seconds ) between GMT and local 
 standard time. Another external variable , daylight , indicates 
 if daylight savings should be applied.An external variable , 
 tzname is now used to store standard and summer timezone names. 
 TZ now contains the time conversion information itself. The format 
 of this information is different than previously. 
It's used in medium-scale ports, in concert with m4 programs to
address some of the

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