CVS update: samba/source/client

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Sep 2 02:30:20 GMT 1998

> can we code-freeze client until this is done?  also, prior to this being
> done, a patch of the main branch, dating back to when BRANCH_NTDOM was
> created, needs to be made, and then applied to the BRANCH_NTDOM client
> code.

and for my next trick I'll solve world hunger ...

seriously, the differences are way too large to just apply a patch. I
suspect that with some regret we are going to have to dump the ntdom
client code and instead fix the head branch code, then slowly re-add
the features that you added in the ntdom branch.

I also don't know when this will be done. Probably Jeremy or I need to
do it, but we are stretched rather thin at the moment.

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