Nigel Williams nigel.williams at nomura.co.uk
Fri Oct 30 19:10:33 GMT 1998

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I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem with visual studio 5.0.sp3

We are running NT4.0 sp3 + some updates such as euro etc.

The problem is a bit of a surprise as it makes vc++ unusable on a samba share with oplocks on. 
it is surprising because I have definitely used vc++ in this configuration in the past.

It occurs with all versions of samba 1.9.18 from p3 which we use as standard through to p10

If I try to close down vc++ after making some modifications to the workspace (adding a file to a project).
vc ++ tries to update its on-disk config. and fails.  The following are the operations I see in the log (minus a few getatrs).

In the following: vcb is ~vcb.tmp and mf.opt is the file mf.opt.

open vc68 new file readonly fnum 64
close 64
open vc69 new file readonly fnum 65
close 65
unlink vc68
find mf.opt
open vc68 new file writeable fnum 66
write 66
write 66 ?
open vc68 readonly break our own oplock fnum 
open vc68 readonly completes fnum 67
read 67
close 67
close 66
unlink vc69
open mf.opt readonly fnum 68
read 68
mv mf.opt -> vc69 (NT redirector bug message. but succeeds)
close 68
unlink mf.opt (fails understandably)
open vc69 readonly fnum 69
read 69
mv vc69 -> mf.opt
unlink vc68
close 69
unlink vc69

There are no fail messages but the process appears to back out after the rename of mf.opt -> ~vcc.tmp

Now the following is what happens when it works on my mates laptop which is not our standard build
but NT4.0 sp3 with vc++ installed from what is probably a different cd/distribution.  Note that this is from the same 
share with oplocks still on.

open vcb readonly  new file fnum 96
close 96
open vcc readonly  new file fnum 97
close 97
unlink vcb
find mf.opt
open vcb writeable new file fnum 98
write 98
unlink vcc
close 92
mv mf.opt -> vcc
getatr mf.opt
write 98
close 98
getatr mf.opt
mv vcb -> mf.opt
unlink vcc

This works fine and there are no oplocks on mf.opt when the rename to ~vc69.tmp.  
Also there are no re-reads of the files after they are written.

Can anyone suggest what can be causing this difference in behaviour.


Nigel Williams

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