proto.h problems

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Thu Oct 29 17:58:52 GMT 1998

Lars Appel <lappel at> writes:

> Tridge after Tim...

>>> Then shouldn't there be a a rule in the Makefile to re-generate proto.h
>>> when any .c files have changed?  I'm a big believer in makefiles that
>>> actually contain correct dependency information.

>> I'd hate that. The edit/compile/test cycle would become much slower as
>> doing a make proto takes a long time.

> Hmmm. The Makefile rule might just echo a warning instead of running awk...

What if proto files were made separately for each file, just like
.deps, then proto.h were build from the concatenation of them, just
like .deps/depend (former .deps/.P)?  This would make it much faster.

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